Leveling up in D&D 5e

I’m playing in Jay’s ‘Spur of the moment’ D&D 5e campaign. It’s a little weird.

First off, we’re playing with 5e characters, but he’s using a Pathfinder Adventure Path. Playing D&D in Cheliax just feels wrong.

Secondly, we’re playing very sporadically. first game was 6 weeks ago, game two is Sunday.

Thirdly, we’ve got 7 PCs! Which is good for if a couple can’t make it, but will be very crowded if all of us are there.

Last session we earned enough XP to get to level 2, so my Tiefling Warlock got leveled up today. Leveling up a D&D 5e character is kinda fun. There’s very little going on, once you get it. I rolled a d8 for hit points, added a 1st level spell known, and picked up to Evocations. I doubled up on Eldritch blast, taking Repelling and Agonizing Blast, so that I can do 1d10+3 and push 10′ with each shot. Eventually, I ‘m going Pact of the Blade as a Fiend Archetype, but Eldritch Blast is just so good it’s hard to pass up extra damage and battlefield control at level 2.